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Happy Clients

  • I have trained with Richard Cordero for almost 13 years. His great passion and continuous growth of knowledge in his field have kept me healthy, agile, inspired and tone. He is insightful and knows when to introduce new routines to my training always keeping my personal goals in mind. As each year goes by I see improvement in my body composition. In strength training with Richard in the last 10 years, I have yet to acquire an injury and I am very satisfied with my continuous progress. Thank you, Richard, for being a huge part of the driving force to my good health!

    Nancy Fonn
  • "As an older, desk-bound executive, I didn't need a boot camp approach or a rah-rah motivational encouragement session. ┬áI didn't need to be babysat to ensure I worked out. I needed exercises I could do on my own, to be able to do them correctly and not get hurt and to be pushed enough to see ongoing improvement. ┬áRichard has always worked with my schedule to structure challenging exercises that give me a sense of accomplishment and not failure. He has got me into shape several times over last decade, and I always come back because I know he will make a difference."

    Jan Martin
  • I have been a client of Richard since 2004. In 1995, I was diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis and was trying to chart a proactive course for my future health. I was referred by a friend to Richard. We met and developed an exercise plan which would improve my muscle strength, core, endurance, flexibility and weight control. He really listened to my concerns and adapted exercises to my abilities at the time.

    For me, exercise and conditioning are essential, not only for my wellbeing but to have the strength to weather "flare-ups" which happen periodically.

    Richard is a patient, understand, supportive, no-nonsense trainer who holds you accountable in a genuinely kind way. I am convinced that due to my work with Richard, I have been able to recover from medical crisis in a shorter time. He is an important and vital part of my health team.

    Betty R.
  • "A MARRIAGE OF HEALTH": 22 years with Richard Cordero. He is committed to helping you reach your goals. The results keep me motivated!

    Anna Dove
  • My wife and I have trained with Richard for over 15 years. He has proven to be an incredible asset in our quest to stay healthy and physically fit. He is knowledgeable, responsive and sensitive to our needs. Richard facilitates a partnership process through which we contribute together to reach our predetermined goals. He has created a rewarding and fulfilling experience and result. Thank you Richard.

    Paul and Karen Bronow